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Menston For Sale…!..30 New Boards in 24 Hours…


Menston For Sale…!..30 New Boards in 24 Hours…

Menston For Sale…!..30 New Boards in 24 Hours…

You may have wondered why in the space of 24 hours a flurry of your neighbours have decided to up sticks and move out of Menston as 30 new Ribston Pippin boards were erected on the same day! Panic not, they are not all shipping out, they are supporting our most recent charity initiative. Here’s what’s going on…

As a further strand of our charitable activity we’ve decided we’d like to support the amazing work done at St Gemma’s Hospice and want to shed light on the brilliant staff and all the hard work they do.
St Gemma’s Hospice care for so many local patients here in Yorkshire, and Lisa has her own memories of her Grandma being well looked after, therefore it really was a no brainer when deciding which charity to raise funds for.

We want to give something back to such a great cause and that’s why we’ve decided to donate £10 to St Gemma’s Hospice for each new board we post!

The hospice can count on our support as a ‘Thank You’ for all that they do, and we’d love to give them the recognition they deserve. We hope others will join us to help back this great local charity.
We’ve had a bit of fun promoting this and last weekend erected 30 ‘spoof’ For Sale boards, to help raise awareness. Thirty kind neighbours, friends and customers agreed to put our new boards in their gardens to help spread the word. Tongues wagged, the village was awash with interest in what we were up to – and it achieved our mission – getting people talking! We also have donated £300 for the 30 boards erected, so we’re off the starting blocks with our fundraising for St Gemma’s.

We’ve already been overwhelmed by the support from the community. Thanks to everyone who has got involved so far, including the following people-

Ian Cunningham who rang to ask if he could have a board, because “it’s a fantastic idea, a really good community initiative”

Pippa Richardson who said: “It sounds like a great idea – maybe could encourage other local businesses to follow your lead too! We’re happy to have a board as long as it’s phoney … definitely not ready to move again yet ?”

Tiff at Aspire To Be who agreed to help as long as we didn’t freak out customers(!) as the cause was also close to her heart – “We’d love to help, the sign doesn’t actually say for sale does it? We’d be getting tongues wagging! Hahahaha…I always support St Gemma’s, you’ve chosen a very worthwhile charity, they looked after my dad before he passed away so anything we can do to help just let me know.”

Bex Manson “Of course Lisa! No problem at all. Great initiative and would love to support”

Hooman at Village News “Yes of course. Sounds really good great idea to support fantastic people there. I love St Gemma’s they did a great job for my gran in her last days.”

We are now excited to roll this initiative out on all new For Sale boards – so please do point anyone our way who’s looking to sell – they can do their bit for charity at the same time.



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